Ranjeeta Mehta

Relentless Leadership in Recent Politics.

Ranjeeta Mehta

Relentless Leadership in Recent Politics.

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Honorary General Secretary


Ranjeeta Mehta, a popular youth politician, made her mark by joining the BJP in December 2020. She played a key role in winning the Panchkula Municipal and Mayor Elections, influencing votes across rural, urban areas, and colonies. 

She now serves as the Honorary General Secretary for Haryana State Council for Child Welfare. Ranjeeta is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of children and promoting child welfare, making it her top priority. She expresses her gratitude to the state’s leaders for entrusting her with this significant responsibility. 

Ranjeeta is committed to serving with honesty and dedication, focusing on the welfare and dreams of the state’s children. She plans to create new schemes and work diligently to implement them, always prioritizing children’s well-being.

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Relentles Leadership in Recent Politics

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With Ranjeeta’s vision for change, good days are within reach. Her dynamic political career is marked by youth empowerment initiatives, educational reforms, and healthcare improvements. She champions economic growth, environmental protection, and women’s rights.

About Her Dreams

“Transforming India with Ranjeeta.”

National Impact

Ranjeeta Mehta’s social and political activities extend beyond regional borders. She is committed to initiatives that resonate with the entire nation.

Haryana’s Development

Ranjeeta Mehta’s dedication to Haryana is unmistakable. She actively champions causes related to the state’s growth and prosperity.

Panchkula’s Progress

Panchkula, witnessed transformative changes under her leadership. Her dynamic activities, from community outreach to urban development initiatives,